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This interdisciplinary course comprises units of study on professional development, educational methodologies, research design, and management.  The course will be offered twice a year in 15- week time blocks.  The course is comprised of the 4-5 subunits and each subunit will have independent student learning outcomes and evaluations.  While each subunit represents a single pillar of thought, the core thread through all subunits is interprofessional education.  Professional development explores self-awareness, professional culture and development, interprofessionalism, ethics, and communication.  The goal of the professional development unit is to internalize the values of the students’ chosen profession.  Students will explore their self and how they fit in to the culture of Histotechnology or Medical Laboratory Science.  Education introduces educational theory and the skills needed to be an effective educator.  These include exploring learning preferences, development of a lesson plan, composing a course syllabus, writing learning objectives, developing an evaluation or assessment plan, and public speaking.  Research introduces the fundamentals of research terminology, sampling, measurement, design, and analysis. The goal of the research unit is for the student to be able to critique a research article as an informed consumer.  Management includes an introduction to management and leadership theories, basic managerial principles, budget and financial management, laboratory safety practices, and quality assurance, quality improvement and total quality management as applied to all components of the laboratory environment.

This course is designed to introduce students in the clinical laboratory sciences to research methods. As an outcome of this course, students will be able to understand research terminology and procedures, understand basic research methodologies, and critically review research studies.

This program page is designed to provide information for Prosective and Current SBBT/TM students as well as the public