Welcome to the Nurse Aide I Moodle Site.  Our NA I program is accredited by the State of North Carolina.  Our program is 144 hours including 32 hours of lecture/didactic, 14 hours of online study, 62 hours of lab, and 36 hours of clinical.  You will find activities which correlate with the curriculum for the day on this site, Power Points for the Modules, and videos which relate to the subject matter.  Our instructors are approved by the Division of Health Service Regulation.    We feel this class will give you a great foundation as you enter into the world of Health Care.  Let your instructors know how we can best assist you .

The college is becoming the touch point for healing touch in the CHS community. There is a need to have better communication between practitioners in the area. By using the moodle site,  those involved with healing touch in the communty will have easy access to needed local resources, ability to sign up to support the healing touch education provided by the college, and to provide support for one another through a forum format. It will make it easier to let those involved with Healing Touch know about opportunities to provide volunteer services (ie, helping with fairs, supporting self care days within the system, etc). This will allow our healing touch community to grow and become better connected as we see this form of therapy used to a greater extent in health care. It will also be a way for CCHS to stay in the forefront and seen as the leader for healing touch in the area.

The format was requested by the instructor to enable students to access reading materials, resource lists, and other program information. This will allow password protected access to chapter reading materials to comply with copyright law (per Laura Leach, Library). 

The Phlebotomy Program is a didactic and clinical course designed to provide the student with the knowledge and skills needed to perform accurate, safe, and reliable collection, transportation, and processing of blood specimens for laboratory analyses.