Applied Radiography I is a theory and lab/clinical course which introduces the student to concepts basic to Radiologic Technology. The course provides an introduction to the essential and supporting elements of the radiologic imaging process, communication, safety and radiation protection, equipment  operation, image evaluation and legal-ethical considerations. Clinical emphasis is on developing skills essential to patient care and assessment.  Incorporated into the course is radiographic procedure terminology, procedure methods and principles for radiography of the upper/lower extremity, shoulder girdle, pelvic girdle, chest and abdomen.   

Applied Radiography IV is a theory and clinical course which introduces the student to basic pathophysiology and the radiographic manifestation of disease. Students will continue to develop and demonstrate an increased degree of competence in their performance of the skills related to critical thinking and problem solving in the clinical areas.  They will continue to utilize the radiologic imaging process as a framework for providing patient care during diagnostic imaging procedures. 

This course is designed to build on the student’s knowledge of the principles and procedures presented in RAD 112 and RAD 114.  An in depth study of electronic equipment used in radiography and fluoroscopy, image receptors, film processing methods, digital radiography and fluoroscopy, fluoroscopy equipment, quality assurance and quality control factors are presented.