Radiation Therapy Program.

This page contains online evaluations for all Radiation Therapy courses.

This course provides a continued, progressive opportunity to practice advanced clinical application of key theoretical concepts and gain skills under direct supervision of a qualified practitioner, while encouraging a level of independent performance expected of an entry-level Radiation Therapist.  Emphasis is placed on the sequential development, application, analysis, integration, synthesis and evaluation of concepts and theories in radiation therapy.  Students will develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills necessary to demonstrate successful completion of clinical objectives and competencies.  This includes the development and refinement of personal and professional characteristics, patient care and assessment skills, equipment manipulation, mastery of simulation and treatment procedures and professional development.  Students will rotate in simulation, treatment and dosimetry to achieve competency in patient care, beam modification, simulation and treatment procedures for cancers of various anatomic regions, and treatment planning.  Time will be dedicated to demonstration of required competency procedures.  Topics include block and bolus fabrication, patient immobilization, medical imaging and processing, nomenclature, simulator operation, tumor localization and treatment planning data acquisition, linear accelerator operation, radiation protection, quality management, treatment delivery and documentation, and interpretation of treatment plans.  Case studies will be researched and presented.  Participation in multidisciplinary conferences and continuing education activities is required.

This course provides comprehensive integration of key principles and tenets of radiation therapy. Emphasis is placed on research and preparation to challenge the national certification examination administered by the ARRT. Topics include advanced technology and emerging treatment modalities.