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    Natasha DeMaio, President



     "Hi, my name is Natasha DeMaio. I have been a student at CCHS since January 2015, when I began the Pre-Nursing program. I am currently entering into my 4th intermediate for Nursing. In January of 2014, I decided that sales was not the life I desired and began the search for a 2nd career. After much research and prayer, my husband and I decided to down-size our home in order for me to have the opportunity to go back to school. I have never been more fulfilled and excited to take on this new journey. I immediately became involved with SGA and Student Ambassador's within CCHS to gain the true experience of being part of the school. I truly have enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people and the continued support of new friends throughout the past 2 years. I look forward to serving your SNA President."

    Allen Smeltzer

    Allen Smeltzer, Vice President


    Allen Smeltzer is an intermediate level nursing student, who is entering into his second year at CCHS. Originally a Charlotte native, he returned home in 2014 to pursue his career into nursing. 

    He is a certified phlebotomist with the American Society of Clinical Pathology, and works as a healthcare tech with Levine Children’s Hospital. He also has many years of experience in logistics, where he specialized in working with the medical industry. His areas of interest include pharmacology research, nephrology, and critical care. He hopes to work in intensive care after graduation, while completing his BSN, and then pursue a degree as a nurse practitioner. He is very excited to have the opportunity be a part of SNA, and is always happy to help others.

    Alley Rick 

    Alley Rick, Treasurer


     "Hi, My name is Alley. I began my journey at CCHS in the pre-nursing program & am currently in my fourth intermediate!I work at CMC-NE as a HCT on the internal pulmonary unit.  I enjoy traveling, hiking, snowboarding & kayaking.  I am new to SNA & look forward to my last year of nursing school." 

    Nicole Denniston, Secretary


    Nicole Denniston has been at CCHS since August of 2014 when she began pre-nursing classes. She moved to Charlotte from a small town north of Atlanta, GA in order to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse. She works as a nanny for a family with 3 small children.She realized she wanted to be a nurse in her last few years of high school and has grown to love the healthcare field more and more since then! She is starting her 4th intermediate and will be graduating in December. Nicole is excited to be involved with SNA and serve as the Secretary. If you are interested in becoming part of SNA, please stop her in the hallways and ask about joining!


    Katherine Prisco, Marketing Chair


    "I am nursing student currently in my 4th intermediate and will graduate December 2017.  Being a nurse has always been a dream of mine.  After receiving her B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Management from Presbyterian College, I moved back home to New York for a year. The next summer I moved to Charlotte and have loved it ever since.  I currently work as a Health CareTech at CMC Main and enjoy every minute that I am on the floor.  When I am not studying or at work, I am outside hiking or playing with my dog.  I am so happy to be a part of SNA and be able to communicate and work with an amazing group of future nurse!"

    Rosalie Hawkins, 101 Rep


    "After completing pre-nursing I started the nursing program here at CCHS in the spring of 2016, and I have recently finished my third intermediate! I am happy to join SNA as the Nursing 101 representative. This gives me an opportunity to help fellow classmates begin their journey into nursing school. I did not know that I wanted to be a nurse until I after I graduated high school. I can relate to many people who have had challenges in deciding where to go and what to do! When I am not at school I love spending time with family, friends, and my two dogs! I hope we all have another great year here at CCHS!"

    Rebecca "Becca" Shaw, Membership Chair


    "My name is Becca Shaw and I am in my 4th intermediate in the Nursing program.I graduated from Appalachian State in 2014 with bachelors degree in public health. I have always had a passion for traveling so after graduation, I went to Thailand for 6 months and taught English to elementary-aged students! This time away provided me the clarity that I wanted to continue my education. I have loved the nursing program so far and hope to have a future in pediatrics. When I am not studying, I enjoy being outdoors, exercising, reading, traveling, and cooking!  I am so happy and grateful to be a part of SNA and can't wait to see the things we accomplish this year!"  

    Brie Zike, Fundraising Chair


    "I'm a 23 year old with a goal! I'm a military brat to two veterans, a black belt in karate, and a mom to a spunky 3 year old. I originally wanted to join the Marine Corps, but I found my way, through a couple of rabbit holes and bunny trails, in nursing school at Mercy School of Nursing and then here at CCHS. I hope to become a nurse that not only does the tasks given to her, but is also there is an advocate, a compassionate human being, and someone that that patient can rely on to keep them safe. I joined SNA because I wanted to be able to give back to my other classmates the same way that SNA gives back to our school, and that the people in SNA and SGA give back to the students."

     Hailey Rotenberry, Community Chair


       "Hi everyone! I am currently in my 3rd intermediate and will be graduating in Decemer 2017. I always knew I wanted to be in the medical field, but was originally going to go to PA school and specialize in orthopedics. During my senior year of high school I realized I wanted to be a nurse after watching my mom's nurse take care of her when she was in the hospital for gallbladder removal. I work as a Healthcare Tech in the Adult Emergency Department at CMC-Main and I plan to continue working there upon graduation. My dream job is to be a flight nurse. Being a Hodgkin's Lymphoma survivor has made me see a different side of nursing and realize what it truly means to be a great nurse. I will never forget the nurses that took such good care of me during my treatment at Levine's. I look forward to giving back to my school with my community chair role and working with some wonderful members and instructors!"


  • Join SNA at CCHS

    Interested in joining SNA at CCHS?

    Open to Pre-Nursing and Nursing Students
    To Join SNA:

                                                                                         1. Print out form attached below

                                                                                         2. Fill out information

                                                                                         3. $10 Fee - Cash or Check (make check payable to CCHS Student Nurses Assoc.)

                                                                                         4. Turn in at SNA Meeting or Diahanne Holandez's Office, Rm 118.

    *If you decide to join the National Student Nurses' Association, the $10.00 fee will be waived. You will need to provide a hardcopy of your membership acceptance to the national program
    To join National SNA visit: www.NSNAmembership.org
  • Journey Program

    For those interested in the Journey Program, the following brochure can address many of your questions. Journey is a nurse residency program for new nursing graduates interested in going into critical care. If you have any questions about Journey please contact Journey Program Coordinator, Kim Blount. Her email is kim.blount@carolinashealthcare.org. 

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