SNA CCHS Calendar Events

Sync the SNA CCHS Calendar to another Google calendar (or CCHSMAIL)

  1. Click on any event in the SNA CCHS Calendar and you will be given an option to view more details of the event or “Copy to my calendar”.
  2. Click “Copy to my calendar” to sync the event to another Google Calendar. You will be prompted to login via gmail. (Use your account if you'd like)
  3. Once logged into your email account, the page that opens is the event settings page. Click the Save button, at the top and the event will sync to the other Google calendar.
  4. If you wish to sync the whole College Wide Calendar to another Google Calendar, click the Google Calendar image Google Calendar Icon, located in the bottom right corner of the calendar above.
  5. A new window will prompt you to answer “yes, add..”. or “no…” Click Yes and all the events on that calendar will be added to the other one. That copied calendar will be located in the “Other Calendars” category in the left navigation.

Sync the SNA CCHS Calendar to phone or tablet calendar

PLEASE NOTE: When you sync the SNA CCHS Calendar to a non-Google calendar, it will sync all recorded events up to that date and time. Any events added to the SNA CCHS Calendar after, will not appear in a non-Google calendar without a repeat of the syncing process.

Last modified: Wednesday, May 3, 2017, 11:01 AM