Carolinas Healthcare System Educational Loan Forgiveness Program

Over 90% of the students currently enrolled in an eligible program participate in this option.
The Carolinas HealthCare System is pleased to offer you the CHS Educational Loan Forgiveness Program while you are enrolled in an eligible program at Carolinas College!  Participation in this program is not a guarantee/promise of employment. 

How Does it Work??

At the beginning of each program semester, a credit of 80% of tuition and fees is posted to your account (*up to program loan limits of $10,000 for 2-year programs and $5,000 for 1-year programs). You are responsible for the remaining balance, which can be paid for out of pocket or using other forms of financial aid.
Each semester you will complete a promissory note that states the amount used for that particular semester.  Check your student email account for details on when the documents will be ready to be signed each semester.  

How Do I Qualify??

Students enrolled in Histotechnology, Medical Laboratory Science, Nursing, Radiation Therapy, Radiologic Technology, and Surgical Technology are eligible for participation.  However, participation in this program is NOT a guarantee of employment.

Upon graduation you must obtain full-time employment in a healthcare provider position that coincides with your completed program.  Employment must be at one of the following CHS facilities - CMC, CMC - Lincoln, CMC-Mercy, CMC-NorthEast, CMC-Pineville, CMC-University, Carolinas Rehabilitation, or the CPN network.  Positions classified as "weekender" are not eligible.  

One semester of the loan equals four months of full-time work at an eligible facility within the CHS system. 

If you participate in this loan program but do not graduate or do not work for CHS in a qualifying position/facility, the loan will be treated as a student loan and repayment with interest will be required.  Interest will be applied to the loan and payments will be split evenly over 36 months.  
It's that easy!
Last modified: Thursday, March 6, 2014, 12:31 PM